Monday, March 31, 2008


i have 4 paper for final exam...1 research paper...1 decentralize paper...its the most tiring semester sbb all the assignment i have t0 pass up dekat2 exam...huhuhu....tinggal 1 jer lagi paper..and im g0ing back t0 my h0use this Wednesday....

march 25, 2008 tuesday: ungs 2050 - ethics and fiqh f0r everyday life
march 25, 2008 wednesday:edc 2218- testing and assessment in elt
march 29, 2008 saturday : edc 3216 - c0mputer assisted language learning in esl class
april 1, 2008 tuesday: edl 3206 - disc0urse analysis f0r elt

this year, i didnt perf0rm well...i d0nt kn0w...i als0 d0nt understand myself...i c0uldnt manage my time n0t well f0r a few times..i just h0pe f0r miracle that result d0 n0t g0 d0wn...